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About FoxTek

At FoxTek, we are passionate and love information technology.

This is what makes us different from large corporations and PC repair shops. We constantly improve our knowledge and skills because we want to, not because we have to.

The idea of FoxTek came from a young group of friends starting in the IT field over a decade ago. It was a diverse background of people who specialized in networking, electronics, graphic design, web design, and more. They would meet up for coffee, discuss technology and the future of the industry. There were many problems during that time with the field growing and professionals of different skill sets not working together. Despite technology getting faster and performing better, the same type of issues such as: bad service, inflated prices, and poor maintenance, have followed us to this day.

FoxTek has now transformed from a vision to a reality. We are here to help you become successful in the age where communications and IT is most important. At FoxTek, we value every customer. We are here for you to understand your network, fix your issues, and guide you into a trouble-free future.


If there is something that we cannot do, FoxTek Consultanting Services will help guide your company in the right direction to resolve your issues. We work together with others to provide solutions to your problems.

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