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Our Services

  • With custom routers, wireless setups, and backup solutions, we can make your network faster
  • FoxTek works with many top tier hardware, software, and cloud based technologies
  • It's not an issue about how slow of a connection you have, we can make it accelerate
  • We engineer solutions to fit your business needs on a personal level
Digital Network Cables
Workstations - PCs


With 15 years of computer repair experience, we can help with almost any issue including: hardware, software, virus and malware scanning. We can provide software that will keep your computers and workstations running as they should. We work with major manufactures such as Dell and HP. We can also provide custom computers for your needs.



Backup Solutions

It seems like there are thousands of different backup solutions on the market now. At Foxtek, we can help you pick one or provide a solution for your budget. Foxtek can set up local backups for PC's and servers while also providing cloud based solutions to insure your data is protected. Loosing data is a horrible event. Let us make you feel safe.




Servers are often forgotten until things go wrong. Many issues are fixed with software and operating system updates. Keeping these systems clean will also help extend their lifetime and value to a company. If your server is under warranty, we will work with the manufacture to upgrade, replace, and troubleshoot issues.


Cloud Technology

Many businesses are switching to cloud based software and applications. We can help you make that switch. We will work with your provider to ensure migrations go smoothly. Databases, EMR, accounting software, and even POS systems are moving to the cloud. Let us consult and do the leg work for you.

Routers & Wireless


FoxTek custom builds routers for slow internet connections and those often under attack from viruses. Internet acceleration, traffic shaping, active virus scanning, and advanced content filtering are just some of the things we do that others don't.


FoxTek works with most major manufacturers and their support teams to make sure your network is optimized. We can make changes, optimization, and do updates to your current network router. We also can provide new routers to enhance your old or growing network.


Have a poor Wifi connection or slow perfomance? FoxTek configures business grade access points, wireless bridge systems, and repeaters for existing networks. We can engineer a perfect solution for your needs.





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